Where's Sandburg?

By Ainm


Category: I'll call it "pre-slash," because otherwise it would be too depressing ;-)

Rating: PG for language

A/N: A drabble-and-a-half which goes a little overboard with the first-line challenge, by using the first line of Veronica's Blendship not only as the first line of the piece, but also as the title, and 5 more times for good measure. :-) So I guess really only 138 words are actually mine... :-)


"Where's Sandburg?"

He'd said it a hundred times this week, with a hundred slight variations in tone, all with the underlying theme of exasperated frustration.

"Where's Sandburg when you need him -- I've got a mountain of paperwork here!"

"Where's Sandburg -- someone's got to run to the deli and I've got to be here when Collins shows up."

"Where's Sandburg -- I can't read these notes for shit."

"Where's Sandburg -- he likes talking to these smart-assed kids."

A hundred different ways, but Jim felt confident that the real meaning hadn't come through.

No one knew that "Where's Sandburg?" really meant "I miss him so much it hurts, I can't sleep, I can hardly think straight, my senses switch between reaching out to find him and muting without his grounding presence, when is he coming home because I can't stand it anymore!" No, no one knew the truth except Jim.

Not even Sandburg.


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