You Can't Hide From Your Blessed Protector Forever...

By Maaaaa


A/N: I'll make a complete fic out of this yet! This is another 'chapter' of what I'm now calling my Senseless series...all Sentinel Thursday challenge responses...Senseless, Blue Eyes, Time to Go, Chief, and Don't Make Me Leave, Big Guy.


"Selective amnesia my ass."

Jim narrowed his eyes as he leaned against the closed door, arms crossed, his stance rigid. The steely blues lasered across the room, settling on his guide. Raw recruits, hardened criminals and fellow officers had all been known to wither, squirm and finally succumb to Ellison's demands under the intense scrutiny.

Blair continued to ignore him.

The two men had just returned from the daily visit to Blair's psychiatrist. It was the only thing Blair left the loft for since his release from the facility. The younger man allowed himself to be taken, but once there it was the same every day. He steadfastly maintained he couldn't remember anything during the eight days he'd been missing or the subsequent three months.

"You might be able to foist that crap off on the shrink, Chief," Jim stated sternly. "But I'm not buyin' it."

Blair yawned and slumped sideways on the couch, letting his head flop onto one of the throw pillows. He made little slurping noises with his lips and tongue as his eyes slid shut. He curled himself comfortably into a fetal position.

Jim sighed tiredly and ran a hand across his forehead, rubbing at the furrowed worry lines. He meandered over to the couch and snagged the multi colored afghan off the back. He hunkered down on his haunches near Blair's head as he dropped the afghan on his guide's body. He tucked the edges under Blair's chin, smiling ruefully, as he thought back to the day Blair had dragged him to the flea market where he'd purchased it.

He kissed the top of Blair's head and stroked the worry-free forehead. He gently fingered strands of hair off Blair's temples and cheeks.

"You're not fooling me, junior," Jim whispered hoarsely. "You remember what happened. It's a sentinel/guide thing; I can sense it. Do you hear me?" Jim waited, hoping for the enthusiastic response that remark would formerly have elicited. But Blair didn't stir. "Whatever it is, you don't have to fight it alone anymore."

Jim rose slowly, easing the kinks out of his leg and back muscles as he stood. He opened his senses and surveyed his territory. Satisfied there were no threats present, he leaned over Blair and lifted his limp head and shoulders. He quickly sat on the couch, settling Blair's head in his lap in one smooth move. He adjusted the afghan once again and rubbed Blair's shoulders.

Blair wiggled closer to Jim, seeking his sentinel's warmth and assurance. Jim could feel it then…the unspoken, unacknowledged danger that lurked beneath the surface of his guide's exterior. The panther awoke, reacting to the wolf's vulnerability.

Jim growled a promise to get to the truth. "Tomorrow, kiddo."


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