Born to be Wild



AN: Blame Caro!


Jim arched his back a little more, the stretch making the black leather harness he was wearing stand out against the gleam of his oiled skin. At the same time, he spread his legs slightly wider, the movement pushing his cock a little more deeply into the mouth currently swallowing it, causing the curly-headed man at his groin to moan. The vibrations around his sensitive flesh made Jim gasp in response and shift his hips forward, the motorcycle he was straddling rocking a little at the movement. The mouth inched forward again, until Jim's cock was all the way inside, head nudging the roof of the other man's mouth. Then Blair swallowed around his cock and Jim yelled, moving again. Blair's hands gripped his waist tightly as the bike rocked, but the pressure on his cock didn't relent. Instead, the intensity of the sucking increased and Blair swallowed again, humming in pleasure. That was all Jim needed; with a roar, he let loose, pouring his load down Blair's throat. As he came, Jim was distantly aware of Blair humping against the seat of the bike, and then a groan as Blair came, the vibration triggering a final jerk of Jim's cock into the warm mouth. Jim sagged back against the handlebars behind him, glad of the support as Blair laid his head on Jim's thigh, both of them panting in the aftermath of orgasm.

Neither of them heard the voice yell, "Cut and print!" in the dimness of their surroundings.


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