The Child is Father to the Man: Boys Will be Boys

By Alf

Notes: Slash. B/m, could technically be called underage, but both parties are the same age, so nothing really icky going on.


The first time I got off with someone else, I had just turned thirteen.

I know, I know, pretty precocious.

Naomi and I were living in a commune in Montana and I became best friends with Tommy Chu, who lived in the next bungalow with his dad, Lee. Lee and Naomi spent a lot of time together, which meant that Tommy and I ended up stuck together a lot. He was six months older than I was, but we got along pretty well.

Precocious or not, neither of us were interested in spending time with girls. Not that there was much opportunity, anyway. Outside of class, boys and girls were kept pretty segregated. For a commune, it was pretty rigid in its gender role stereotypes.

Don't worry, I'm getting to the good bit. Have patience. Just trying to set the scene for you.

So, Tommy and I would sneak away a lot, into the fields or an old, abandoned barn, and hang out. This one time, we were in the barn together and, somehow, we got into a pissing contest, as boys do. That led to a size comparison. Which led to us putting our dicks side to side, to measure them. Which somehow led to both of us getting hard and me stroking Tommy, who moaned about how good it felt, so I got him to stroke me, too. Which led to the inevitable conclusion.

When the first rush wore off, we were embarrassed and went our separate ways for a couple of days. But I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened, and then Naomi went off with Lee, so we were left together and, not much later, we were doing each other again, only this time it was in Tommy's bedroom rather than the barn.

After that, we spent all our spare time together and, as often as possible, we'd jerk off together, sometimes doing each other, sometimes doing ourselves.

That lasted until the inevitable happened, and Naomi decided it was time to move on. Tommy and I were sad at having to say goodbye, but we had both moved around a lot, so we were kind of used to making and losing friends.

Naomi took us to India after that, and I kinda lost interest in sex for a couple of years. But I've never really forgotten Tommy Chu and that time we spent together in Montana.


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