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A/N: Well I missed Castalie's birthday, but here's a little offering nonetheless -- Happy Belated! :-) This story can be considered a teaser for a longer piece (NC-17!) -- I wrote this dialog-only thing yesterday but then realized that there was a lot more that couldn't be conveyed dialog-only, and I wanted to watch what happens at the end. :-) It's not done yet, but hopefully no one will be opposed if I post here the link to it at my site when it is finished. It should be clear that this is set after Blair graduates from the police academy.


"Home again, home again, Detective Sandburg."

"That still sounds weird, y' know?"

"Yeah, I know. So did you like the party?"

"It was great -- you guys are the best."

"And the graduation ceremony was pretty decent -- I think when I got out of the Academy there were more speeches."

"Plenty of speeches today, man, but yeah, it could have been worse. I wouldn't have expected the wave at a cop ceremony, I must admit."

"That was Megan."


"So... here we are."

"As usual."

"Yes, but... no."


"I mean... now we're really partners. Official partners."

"We've been partners for four years, Jim."

"I know, I know... but it seems different now. I don't know."

"Yeah, I understand."

"So, partner... is there anything I can do for you to help you celebrate?"

"We had a party already."

"Yeah, I know... but, I meant... just us. Because we're partners."

"What, you want to take me out to a cop bar or something?"

"No! I mean... well, sure, if that's what you want... I want to give you whatever you want, Chief."

"Whatever I want? Because we're partners?"


"How drunk are you, Jim?"

"Not too drunk, just... drunk enough."

"You need to be drunk?"

"No! No, Blair, I just... it's kind of scary."

"But we're partners."


"You have to, because we're partners?"

"No! I want to -- I've always wanted to! But it wasn't right before. But now, well, we're partners. Damn, maybe I am too drunk, I can't say it right!"

"Shh, it's OK, I understand. We've never been on an even footing before, and it didn't seem right, even though we both wanted it. But now we're equals, I'm not just the civilian researcher to be protected, even from you. Right?"


"And it's not just pity, some consolation prize for trading in my old life?"

"God, no! I love you, Blair!"

"Good. I love you too. Now get your ass up the stairs -- we've got some celebrating to do."


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