Celebrating Jim

By Selena

Jim could smell the vanilla candles before he even got in the elevator. He let his sense of smell extend further and he caught a whiff of the fancy steak dinner that was cooking, and wait a minute, did he smell arousal? Was Blair aroused already? Jim wasn't even home yet, what was the kid doing? Jim willed the elevator to go faster as he felt a rise in his own groin, anticipation was a wonderful thing. The loft was dark save for a few well-placed candles on the coffee table and bookshelves. Jim glanced over at the kitchen area, the table there also had candles, oh and the good china. Jim walked further into the apartment, looking for his guide, it didn't take him long to find him. Blair lay lounging on the sofa; Jim also could help but notice that the young man was naked.

"Wow, Chief," Jim said, trying to sound nonchalant as he placed his keys and wallet on the sideboard. "I didn't think it was our anniversary until next week."

"It isn't." Blair said huskily, shifting a little to give Jim a better view.

"Then, what's the occasion?" Jim said, still trying to keep his cool as he walked casually into the kitchen to taste the food.

"You are." Blair stated, rising from the sofa and moving to his Sentinel's side. Gently he turned Jim around to face him, pressing himself against Jim's body. "You have been working far to hard lately and I thought you could use a little down time." He groped Jim's erection with his hand. "Or should I say UP time. I thought we could have an early celebration tonight."

"And what will we be celebrating?"

Blair got up on his tiptoes and laid a soft kiss on Jim's lips.

"You." Blair whispered softly. "I am celebrating you, and how lucky I am to have you in my life."

Jim smiled and curled one arm around Blair's waist, with the other arm he reached out and turned off the stove.

"I think dinner can wait." He said, "Let's go to bed." Jim smiled down at his lover as he scooped the young man into his arms. Blair let himself be carried to the bedroom that they shared. Gently Jim placed Blair on the large bed, and then, keeping his eyes locked on his guides', slowly began to strip off, as Blair watched appreciatively. Blair sat up on the soft pillows and smiled wickedly, cocking his finger, summoning his Sentinel to him. Jim crawled up the bed until he lay across Blair, cupping his lover's head in his hands; Jim captured Blair's lips with his own. Kissing him so deeply and with such passion that he stole Blair's breath away. Finally he pulled away, leaving them both panting heavily. Blair pushed himself up and took hold of Jim's broad shoulders. With a sudden and surprising show of strength he pulled the bigger man to him, pushing him down and straddled his chest. Jim was about to protest but Blair silenced him by placing a finger to his lips.

"Oh no you don't, Ellison." Blair mock warned. "This is all about you."

Jim groaned as Blair began to kiss his neck, soft, quick kisses that were punctuated with a lap of his tongue. Torturously slowly, Blair worked his way down Jim's hard chest, to his even harder cock. Jim groaned even louder as Blair's warm mouth enveloped him. With his quick and skilled tongue, Blair brought Jim to orgasm, swallowing every drop of his juices. He let Jim catch his breath as he moved to lie next to his best friend, Sentinel and love of his life.

"Wow, Chief" Jim gasped.

"Had enough yet?" Blair asked, his voice thick with lust, as he ground himself against Jim's thigh.

"I can never have enough of you." Jim whispered as he pulled Blair against him, deftly maneuvering the young man so that he now lay beneath him. With practiced ease, Jim flipped Blair over so that he lay on his stomach. Using one had to lovingly caress Blair's buttocks, he reached the other hand out to rummage in the side draw, and with a flourish he pulled out the tube of lube. He popped the top off and applied the lube to the fingers on his right hand. Slowly and gently he inserted one finger into Blair's hole, then a second. Blair gasped as Jim pushed deeper into him, inserting a third finger, spreading his mate open. Blair groaned as Jim pulled his hand away, but a few seconds later he felt the tip of Jim's member pressing against his ass. Jim leaned over and kissed the back of Blair's neck.

"Are you ready for me baby?" He whispered in Blair's ear.

"I am always ready for you." Blair ground out. "Please, Jim, I need you inside me."

Jim thrust deep into Blair's ass, pulled out and thrust again. Blair cried out as Jim hit his prostate over and over, while Jim reveled in the warmth of his guide as orgasm's claimed them both.

An hour later the two tired but satisfied men lay in each other's arms, sweat pouring off their naked bodies.

"Chief" Jim said sleepily. "I think we should celebrate like this every damn night. God I love you."

"I love you too, my Jim"

"My Blair, always."


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