French Kisses

By Maaaaa


A/N: Apparently Terri's smutty muse came and found me. *g* And it brought a kink or two along. Happy Birthday, Castalie!


Jim entered the loft and immediately took notice of his guide's elevated heart rate. Blair sat on the edge of the couch, a sheet of paper held tightly clutched in his left hand. Nervous energy radiated from every pore of Blair's flushed skin.

As Jim sauntered into the living room, a predatory smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. He took his time crossing the room, his eyes never leaving the younger man. Blair responded by squirming fitfully.

When Jim finally came to a stop next to him, Blair looked up through disheveled curls under half-lidded eyes.

Jim held out his hand. "Let's see it, Darwin."

Without hesitation, Blair offered Jim the crumpled paper and immediately shifted his gaze to the floor.

Jim looked the paper over, and the smile turned feral.

"Okay, Chief, upstairs." Blair's eyes opened wide and he looked as if he might say something, but Jim cut him off. "Now."

Blair jumped to his feet and bolted up the stairs.

Jim waited only moments before following. Blair was standing next to the bed, bouncing on the balls of his feet. Jim quickly sat on the bed and in one swift movement snagged Blair's forearm, pulling the younger man down and across his lap. Before Blair could catch his breath, Jim had tugged his sweats down, baring his backside.

"I think we both agree you've earned this." Jim began spanking the wiggling bottom. Swift hard swats peppered the younger man's butt until it warmed to a rosy pink hue.

Each smack sent shivers along Blair's spine, sending a signal that bypassed his brain and went straight to his cock. Blair moaned as his erection pressed against Jim's thighs and he pushed back to meet Jim's hand as the next series of swats rained down.

Just as Blair thought he might explode, Jim easily flipped him off his lap and onto the bed. He gently eased Blair onto his stomach, placed a pillow under Blair's hips and divested him completely of sweatpants and boxers.

Blair gasped at the sudden change in position. Before he could form a coherent thought, Jim began licking his warm, tingling cheeks. His eyes rolled up in ecstasy as the big guy's tongue continued a lazy exploration of his ass. He felt his cheeks being gently spread apart. He hissed and moaned and bucked as the wet intruder found his opening, first teasing, then insistently darting in and out.

With a shuddering sigh, Blair came.

Jim slowly crawled up the length of Blair's back, placing soft kisses along the way. He held himself over Blair on hands and knees splayed to either side of the younger man. Moving the sweaty mane of curls off Blair's neck, he nibbled at Blair's ear, licked it softly, and then leaned forward to find the younger man's lips.

The oh so talented tongue explored the inside of his lover's mouth and Blair thought he might come again from the incredible sensation. And then the tongue was gone and Jim was kissing his lips, his nose, his eyelids.

Blair sighed contentedly and melted into Jim's embrace. When his eyes finally opened, he was treated to the sight of Jim's sweet smile, the light blue eyes crinkling in amusement.

"So tell me, Chief, how do you want to celebrate the next 'A' you get?"


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