Midnight Cowboys
by Dolimir


“So what are we watching?’ Jay Brady absently stuck his hand in the popcorn bowl and tossed a buttered kernel in the air and caught it with his mouth.

Blair shrugged. “I don´t know. Something about cowboys, I think.’

“You think?’

“What do you want from my life, man?’ Blair nudged his friend´s leg with his knee and handed him a bottle of beer. “Come on, move your big feet, you lug.’

Jay snickered and dropped both feet to the ground with a thunk, even as he accepted the beer. “Get the light before you sit down.’

Blair reached over and switched off the lamp, then flopped beside his friend. “So how are things going with Megan?’

“They´re not.’

“Sorry to hear that.’

Jay shrugged. “Nothing to be sorry for. Life happens.’

Blair gently pushed his elbow in his friend´s ribs. “That´s remarkably deep for a cowboy.’

“Yeah, I know. You´ve been a bad influence on me.’

They grinned at each other, then turned toward the television as the movie began.

“Midnight Cowboy?’ Jay asked incredulously.

Blair frowned slightly. “Yeah, why?’

“Partner, this isn´t about cowboys.’

“It´s not?’

“Are you telling me you´ve never seen this movie before?’

Blair laughed softly in confusion. “I´ve never been that big into westerns.’

Jay bellowed with laughter.

“What´s wrong with this film?’

“Well, for one thing, it´s set in New York City.’

“New York City?’

“Now say it with a twang,’ Jay snickered.

Blair glanced back at the television set. “Are you saying--’

The phone rang. Jay looked at it suspiciously, then looked at Blair.

“It´s Megan,’ Blair said quietly.

Jay sighed heavily and started to reach for the receiver, but Blair leaned over his lap and stayed his hand. “These aren't the droids you´re looking for,’ he whispered softly over the phone.

Which never rang a third time.

“Have I ever told you how freaky that is?’ Jay asked as Blair straightened. “And just what was up with the droid line?’

Blair grinned at him. “Tell me you´ve never wanted to use that line as a kid.’

“Oh, shut up and watch the movie.’

“Well, if it isn´t about cowboys, then what´s it about?’

Jay smiled at him. “It´s basically about the lengths friends will go to for each other.’

“Like us?’

“Exactly like us, partner. Exactly like us.’


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