Monsoon Games

By Ainm

"You've got to be kidding."

"No, come on, man, it'll be fun."

"You're crazy."

"No, I'm bored! And you're almost broke! We've played every board game in this godforsaken hut three times already -- what are we going to do if this game ends now?"

"Look, Sandburg, this 'godforsaken hut' was your idea, remember? 'We can fish, get back to nature, no TV or phones to distract us, it'll be great!'"

"Yeah, well, it was great, the first day -- it's not my fault that we've had this freaky monsoon-style weather for the next three days!"

"Well it's not my fault either -- and it's no excuse for this hare-brained idea!"

"I'm bored, Jim, I've read everything there is to read, even all the recipes on the Bisquick box. I don't think you gave this game your best effort -- it should take more time!"

"I don't see how this is going to help prolong the game."

"I'm running out of ideas here, man."

"Look, I get the fact that you're bored and can't seem to entertain yourself -- but strip Monopoly? With me? You're crazy."

"It'll liven up the end of the game. You know you're almost guaranteed to land on one of my hotels on the next turn, and you can't make the rent. So take off an item of clothing and we'll call it even. You've got more clothes than you've got money."

"Um... Chief?"


"Is this actually a plot to get me naked?"

"You mean because I'm secretly lusting after your incredibly built body and want to have my wicked way with you?"

"That's what I mean."

"Well, then... yeah."

"Sandburg, you idiot --"

"-- look, I'm sorry, Jim --"

"-- you could have just asked. I hate Monopoly."


"I hate Monopoly, I hate finances and real estate and the whole thing. Awful game."

"No, I mean the part before that."

"The 'you could have just asked' part?"

"Yeah, that part."

"I... I didn't think that's what you wanted."

"How could you not know? You're a Sentinel, for crying out loud."

"Well how could you not know? You're brilliant, for crying out loud."

"Aw, Jim..."

"Look, Blair. I think we can find a more... entertaining way to pass monsoon season than arguing or playing Monopoly, don't you?"

"I... I'm sure we can. After all, I'm brilliant."

"Shut up, Chief, and get over here."

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