Playing a Different Game

By Aouda Fogg

Jim hustled down the stairs, and then, in one smooth motion, scooped up the basketball resting nearby.

He called into the office formerly known as Blair´s bedroom. “Hey, Chief, come on; We´re going to be late!’ They were on their way to play some pick-up at the park, and unless they got a move on, all the courts would be taken.

Focused on making sure he had his keys and wallet, Jim missed the fact that Blair was still in his boxers. It didn´t, however, take long for that little fact to penetrate.

“Not exactly what I´d called regulation attire there, Sandburg.’

Blair grinned. “Never underestimate a Sentinel´s powers of observation. I´m not going with you this morning.’

Jim blinked.

Still grinning, Blair crossed to where Jim stood, wrapped his arms around his lover´s neck, and kissed him lingeringly. Pulling slowly away, Blair went on. “I´m going to stay here while you go play.’

Caressing Blair´s arms and shoulders, Jim asked the obvious question. “Why?’

The shorter man´s voice took on an intensity that went right to Jim´s cock. “Oh, I have a few things to do around here, but mostly because I´m going to spend the morning imagining you on the court, the way you look playing, the way I love watching your body move.’ He paused for another kiss. “And you´re going to play, knowing I´m here, thinking of you, waiting for you, wanting you. And when you get home? All sweaty and hot and sexy? I´m going to be waiting in bed and you´re going to pound me into the mattress.’

Jim gaped at his lover, but Blair shoved him gently towards the door.

“See you in a little while, babe. I´ll be waiting.’

And so he was.


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