By Ginalin

“We have to do it, man!’


“But we have to!’ Emphatic gesture.

“Who says?’ Pale blue eyes narrow suspiciously.

“That guy, you know, the one who was here last week.’ Emphatic gesture that means “whatisname’ in Blairspeak.

“Oh, him.’ Dismissive wave of hand that means, “Grrr, stranger, go away!’ in Jimspeak.

“Yes, him. He knows what he´s talking about. An expert.’ Emphatic nod of head, bouncing hair.

“Since when do you always listen to experts, Chief?’ Triumphant look. This may be good for three points. That´s right, play on his authority issues.

“Quit changing the subject, asshole! You know what your problem is man?’ Okay, it hit the rim and bounced out of bounds. Shit. Quickly assume bored, sardonic expression.

“Let me guess, Dr. Freud. Fear based response?’

“I prefer Jung, but yeah, you´re getting good this. Why don´t I just leave and you can do my part too?’

“Now you´re just being bitchy.’ Exasperated look.

“Bitchy? Is this where I flex a bicep to demonstrate my manliness?’ Pissed off look.

“I was not insulting your masculinity. Why, in some ways, you´re more masculine than I am.’ Oh, that should work. Flattery. Flattery is good.

Suspicious glance. “In what way?’

“Well….’ Think fast, Ellison, your nookie depends on it! “Um, you´re hairier than I am.’

“Well, thanks, buddy. But I was thinking more of something in the personality department. You know, like brave or tough. Yeah, tough. I like tough.’

“Butch?’ Smirk.

Snort. “Only if you´re Sundance!’

“I can live with Sundance. After all, we have jumped off a cliff together, Butch.’

“It was a tiny cliff. But, okay, I see your point.’ Nod, small grin. “Is this where we hug?’

“Sure, we can do hugging.’ Jim holds out his arms, Blair does a passable imitation of a baby monkey.

“How about kissing. Can we do kissing?’

“Sure.’ Major liplocking complete with exchange of copious amounts of saliva ensue. Several minutes pass with variations on this activity.

“Are you going to help me move the furniture like the floor guy asked us to?’ That´s right Blair. Nail him now that he´s softened up. Whoops, okay, not so soft after all! He he.

“Do we have to?’ Heavy sigh.

“Yes, Jim we have to. We´ve practically got furrows in the hardwood.’

“Okay.’ Resignation.

“That´s a good Sentinel.’ Pat, pat.

The End

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