By Selena


“Come on man, this is so not fair!’

“You asked for it, Chief.’

“This isn´t what I meant and you know it.’

“You were the one that said the winner could do whatever they wanted to the loser."

“Yeah, but. . . .

“But what, chief?’

But, this is just mean! If I had know that this is what you had in mind, I wouldn´t have let you win.’


“Yeah, you might be the buff ex military guy. But I have quite the strategic mind when I want to.’

“Ah, so is that why I ended up with most of the world and you got-----Spain?’

“I LET you win, remember?’

“Yes, let me win so that as the victor you would be my spoils. Win-win for you then.’

“That was the plan, before THIS!’

“That´s what you get for playing with the pink army.’

“I like pink.’

“Well it is your color.’


“I mean your cheeks, Chief. You blush like a girl.’

“I´ll make you blush in a minute.’

“That´s a threat you can´t back up, Junior. Now get back to sorting the laundry.’

“There are much better things we could be doing right now, laundry is not one of them.’

“There will be time for that later.’

“I am never playing with you again.’

“Now there is a threat you definitely can´t back up.’

“Oh, Yeah?’

“Chief, stay right where you are!’

“I´m gonna get you big guy!’

“Now, come on. You lost fair and square.’

“As they say, all´s fair in love and games of war. And since I LET you win,
technically you cheated.’

“Only you could make that leap. But you knew the risks.’

“Hee, hee. The risks of playing risk.’

“Funny. But ok, since you feel that I cheated, even though technically it was you that threw the game. Let´s play again.’

“Yay, I´ll set up the bored, I´ll be pink.’

“No, Chief, let´s play something else. A game you actually stand a chance of winning. Stop pouting, I´ll let you pick it.’

“Woo hoo, strip poker.’

“Tell you what, let´s skip it and go straight to bed.’

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