Skin to Skin



Warning: graphic sex and some of my favorite kinks.


It started with Jim's new leather jacket. He'd torn the old one on the jagged top of a chain-link fence, chasing Benson down. Jim won that race; Benson and Jim's jacket lost.

They'd gone shopping for a new jacket together. Jim wanted to get one of the ones on sale at the big old department store downtown, but Blair prevailed on his lover to just try the outlets near the mall. Result: a mahogany brown, butter-soft hip length lambskin jacket with a zip-out Thinsulate lining that cost less than the coarse, unlined hunk off a cow's butt Jim had looked at the previous day. Blair had to struggle to keep the smug look off his face the first time Jim wore it to work and everyone in the bullpen wanted to touch to see if it was as supple and smooth as it looked. Jim made them wait until he took the coat off.

Since then, though, it was Jim who constantly caressed his new jacket. When they were waiting at stoplights, his thumb stroked the leather near the hem. Standing around at a crime scene, he'd run his long fingers across the welted seam at the opening of the slash pockets. He hung it over the back of his chair in the bullpen and ran his hand down the sleeve when he was thinking. When Blair noticed Jim taking a long, scenting breath each time he swung the coat around to put it on, it became abundantly clear to him that Jim had a thing for fine leather.

Blair was no fool. He had the means (his Cascade PD paycheck), he had the opportunity (his car was working) and he had the motive (the thought of Jim touching him through thin leather). He planned the surprise with great care, making sure his Sentinel had no clue.


Jim was out of the office that Friday afternoon. Simon made it clear that, Sentinel or not, Jim would take the annual sight and hearing test along with his physical like every other cop in the department. Rhonda, who Jim and Blair had helped move a few months before, made sure that Jim got the highly-coveted appointment time on Friday after lunch. The department doctor's office was across town, which meant rush-hour traffic would delay Jim's drive home. This gave Blair a couple extra hours to get ready for a little relaxation.

By the time Jim dropped his keys in the basket, the bed linens were fresh, dinner was about ready and there was a case of microbrew in the fridge. Blair made himself scarce when he heard Jim's steps in the hallway; he went into the office under the stairs and began to fiddle around with the computer as though he'd been there all afternoon.

"Hey, Sandburg." A deep sniff. "You made teriyaki beef." Jim poked his head around the door and smiled. "You in some kind of trouble? Teriyaki beef is usually a bribe meal."

Spinning the chair around to face his partner, Blair flashed him a "who, me?" grin. "Nah, no trouble. I've behaved so well we haven't had it in a while." He stood up and walked toward Jim, who fell back a step and stared.

Blair's hair brushed the collar of a creamy-white Egyptian cotton shirt so fine that if Jim concentrated he could probably have counted chest hairs right through the fabric. The half-open shirt was tucked into black pants. Black leather pants. Black leather pants that hugged every muscle, caressed every angle and cupped Blair's beautiful cock almost as tenderly as Jim's own hands. The smooth leather grazed the tops of his bare feet, and the smell of it filled the tiny room.

He didn't want to spoil Jim's treat, so Blair stopped short. To avoid the silliness of twirling around so Jim could see the whole effect, he turned back to the computer and bent down to shut off the printer that sat under the desk. He heard a sharp intake of breath, and he stifled a satisfied smile before standing to face his lover once again.

Jim was right beside him. There wasn't time to take a breath before he was crushed against his lover's chest, and lips descended to plunder his without mercy. In the face of such an onslaught, there was nothing to do but surrender. Relaxing into the embrace, he opened his mouth and submitted to the tasting, the exploration, the edginess of it. Jim's mouth left his and moved down to his neck, where he drew a long breath.

"God." He was licking at the notched place between Blair's collar bones now and inhaling deeply. "God, Blair, you're so fucking hot. The smell…" Nipping and snuffling, he bent further until he simply fell to his knees.

From where Blair was standing he could appreciate the utter rightness of the panther as Jim's spirit animal. The man was rubbing his cheek, catlike, against the burgeoning hardness hidden by the tight leather, making quiet noises in the back of his throat, the kind of noises a man makes when he has been thirsty and is given water. His hands traveled to Blair's hips and from there to his ass, clutching, stroking over the warm stretched skin, then clutching again. Blair reached behind himself to grab the edge of the desk for balance lest he be borne to the floor by his lover's desire.

When Jim straddled his legs and began to hump against them, Blair reached a hand down tilted his chin up. Jim's eyes were a little glassy, but he got them focused after a couple seconds.

"Baby, I knew you'd like them, but I didn't think you'd like them this much. We really ought to eat dinner. Can you do that with me dressed like this or do you want me to change?"

Jim sat back on his heels, moving with deliberate care. He seemed to be steeling himself for some kind of ordeal, but finally all he did was stand up and wrap his arms around his lover's shoulders. His rough whisper tickled Blair's ear. "Don't take them off. We can eat, but not too much. What I have in mind for dessert won't work on a full stomach."

Blair chuckled. He had something saved for dessert, too, and it wasn't apple pie.


Dinner was a brief affair. Beer was opened, plates hit the table. Conversation was limited to Jim saying, "You should make this stuff more often, Sandburg," and Blair saying, "Glad you like it." Every now and then, Jim put his fork down and closed his eyes, savoring something good that might or might not have been the food. They didn't look at each other very often.

As they cleaned up, Jim's hands started to stray over Blair's leather-covered ass. Neither of them made any reference to it. Blair pushed back into Jim's caresses, but did not pause as he wiped the counters down. When the kitchen was tidy and Jim had done the locking up, Blair reached out a hand to his partner and they walked up the stairs to their bedroom.

Candles were sitting out on the dresser and the desk, but Jim held Blair back when he moved to light them.

"Can you see?"

Cool light poured from the full moon framed in the skylight above and Blair nodded, turning into his lover's embrace. Jim brushed his forehead, his eyelids, his cheeks and his lips with dry, chaste kisses; his hands ran down the thin cotton shirt sleeves onto his partner's hips. Slowly, purposefully, he knelt and rested his cheek once again against Blair's leather-covered sex.

They stayed like that, Jim breathing in the scent of Blair in leather, Blair stroking his lover's hair. At last, with a sigh, Jim pressed his nose through the leather against the hard cock in front of him and began to nuzzle. He nibbled along the length of it, then licked his way down to its root. His hands came around to stroke the insides of Blair's thighs from the back.

Blair did not even try to contain his growl at the feeling of warm fingers pressing against him through the tight pants. He rocked forward a little and spread his legs to give his beloved more room to work. "That's so good, Jim. Tell me what you want, baby. Gonna give you whatever you want tonight."

Jim replied by moving his hands up to hold his lover's ass, pressing gentle bites and kisses along his hard dick. Unhurried, Blair opened his shirt and unbuttoned his fly. He pushed the pants aside. Jim sucked in a long hissing breath and buried his nose in the dark pubic curls that crept over the black folds framing Blair's rampant cock. Running his tongue along the sueded inner surface of the leather, he scented and tasted. The sensory stimulation snaked down his spine directly to his cock and he could hold off no longer. In one steady motion, he swallowed his lover whole.

"Aaaahhhh!" Blair cried out at the sudden heat that engulfed his aching sex. He braced himself briefly against Jim's head to regain his balance. He loved this, loved standing while Jim went down on him, there on his knees. Loved the hot-and-cold as his dick, wet with his lover's saliva, moved in and out of that tender, talented mouth. Loved the noises of pleasure Jim made, loved knowing that Jim loved it too.

"Such a fine lover I have. God, yes, baby, suck me. Like that…Yeah. What a sweet cocksucker you are, what a good mouth. You can't have it all tonight, though. Get it good and wet, baby, 'cause I wanna fuck you with that hard dick." Jim moaned around him and clutched himself through his trousers as Blair rocked in and out between his suckling lips. "You want that? Want to feel me fill your ass the way I fill your mouth? Oh, baby, you know I will…"

Jim was half-crazy with need, sucking and licking, rubbing his own hard cock, his other hand on the soft leather covering Blair's muscular ass. When Blair pulled away, panting and tugging at his own balls to stave off his orgasm, Jim fell forward on his hands, his breath coming quick and harsh. Blair was on his knees in an instant, gathering his partner up in his arms to whisper love in his ears. They helped each other up and Blair removed his shirt, then stretched out on the bed to watch as Jim undressed for him.

With the moon as a spotlight, Jim slipped out of his shirt and his t-shirt, laying them over the railing beside him. He ran his hands down the smooth muscles of his chest on the way to opening his belt and his trousers. Pushing his boxers and trousers down, he stroked himself, his eyes locked on Blair, who had his own cock in his hand, watching. Toeing out of his shoes and socks, Jim slid the pants down and stepped out of them, turning to one side to pick them up before he folded them and laid them aside.

Blair rolled slightly toward Jim and continued to masturbate, eyes nearly closed, taking his time. He could feel the bed rocking a little more as his lover joined him and fisted his own hard flesh. Then warm, soft lips pressed his, and Jim stretched out beside him, moaning as his throbbing cock contacted Blair's leather-covered thigh. Blair shifted slightly to hold the big man, telling how much he loved him, how beautiful he was, how responsive and hot. All the while, Jim rocked himself against the soft, warm, smooth leather, his head tucked into his lover's shoulder.

The pleasure was more than he could have imagined. Held safe and tight, his senses filled with tastes and smells and textures of the most sensual material he'd ever known, he listened to his guide's voice and tried to draw out the sensations as long as he could. Finally, the sensory feast overwhelmed his control; his thrusting became more aggressive and he tightened his hold on Blair.

"No, no, baby, not yet. Come on, now." Moving his leg back a little, Blair kissed his love. "I've got one more surprise for you. And I want to be inside you, Jim. Want it so bad. Ride me?"

If Jim could have put together a coherent sentence, he might have said that any more surprises would do him in altogether. As it was, he kissed Blair harder and took the tube of lubricant from his hand. Blair arranged himself with the leather pants pulled open and down just far enough to keep any uncomfortable seams or buttons away from his lover's sensitive body. Jim reached behind and, with well-lubed fingers, prepared himself for Blair.

Seeing Jim do this for him, open himself to be entered, never failed to send a wave of heat down Blair's spine. He watched with heavy-lidded eyes as his lover twisted and thrust with his hand, biting his lower lip and sighing. When he was poised above the lube-slick, rock-hard cock, Jim smiled and rubbed his calves against Blair's through the leather pants. Then he sank down, taking his lover inside himself a slow inch at a time.

Their voices rose together, one groan of pleasure from two throats as their bodies met. Head bowed, Jim was still, waiting for his passage to relax around Blair's thickness. His fingers traced little patterns over his lover's chest, swirling absently in the soft hair, tickling at the nipples. Then he shifted, rising a little on powerful thighs and sinking back down, rising and sinking, until a rhythm arose and they were swaying together. Jim's eyes drifted closed.

Blair took something from beneath his pillow. He thrust up and raised his hands to his lover's chest. When he felt the touch on his skin, Jim's eyes flew open and his head snapped down to look for the source.

On his beloved's strong square hands were leather gloves. Black, soft, even thinner than the leather of the pants. Blair ran them up Jim's neck to caress his face, and the big man cried out and tossed his head, not knowing which hand to lean into first. He took two of Blair's fingers into his mouth, suckling and licking just as he had when he was on his knees. Blair's hiss shivered up his spine and he sped up his motion, rocking up and down on the hard cock that pierced him, sucking on the leather-scented fingers. The gloved hands moved lower, pinching his nipples, tugging and twisting until he moaned on the edge between pleasure and pain.

Jim shifted forward so his hands could take some of his weight as he rode. He felt the leather-covered hands slip down his sweat-slick belly, teasing at his navel. If he straightened up a little bit, he could get one of those hands on his own hungry dick, but if he did that, he'd lose leverage and the exquisite sensation of Blair's heavy cock, filling him, fucking him, stretching him tight.

"Tell me what you want, lover." Blair's voice was low and breathy, the words panted out between gulps of air. "Come on, baby, say it. Tell me what you need so I can give it to you. Your ass is so sweet, you know that? God, tight and hot…oh, yeah, ride me, baby. You are my fuckin' wet dream, beautiful man. Tell me how to make you happy. Tell me…"

Above him, Jim tilted his head back and let his weight carry him to the root of Blair's cock. "Touch me. God, soon, now, grab my dick with those gloves on your hands, please, lover…"

Blair smiled and looked for a moment at the incredible man he loved. Then he ran his fingers down his partner's glistening chest and took his ruddy, weeping cock firmly in hand. Jim jerked and cried out as though he'd grabbed a live wire. Falling back down to rest his hands on Blair's shoulders, he flowed back and forth from the heat filling his ass to the smooth, erotic texture enclosing his aching sex. It was only four or five more thrusts until Jim was coming, his back arched, keening deep in his chest. The warmth of the come spattering his chest combined with Jim's wailing cry shot Blair into bliss, and he pushed his hips up as far as he could, filling his lover with his own heat.

There was only the sound of their quick breathing for a few minutes. Blair tugged off the gloves and petted his lover's face and chest. Finally, Jim toppled himself to one side and wriggled up to kiss his partner, who regarded him with sleepy adoration.

"You are the hottest man I have ever, ever known. You know that, right?"

Jim chuckled. "You're the one with the leather pants. And the gloves." He shuddered a little bit. After a minute or two, he started to speak, but then stopped.

"Oh, no, man. You have to say it." Blair kissed him on the nose. "Come on, tell."

"I figured out the answer before I could ask the question."

Blair leaned back and looked at Jim. "You really have to explain now. Figured what out?"

"Why the leather. It's the coat, isn't it?"

"You found me out. I have no more secrets from you." Blair smiled sweetly and snuggled back down, planting a kiss on the firm, broad chest beneath his cheek. He fell asleep there, well-sated and well-loved, his arm hooked around Jim's waist. After tugging the covers over them, Jim dozed off, too, with his hand firmly placed on Blair's thigh, and those leather pants.


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