By Paula C.


Jim is making plans to Surprise his roommate. (Blair and Jim are a couple)


Jim looked down at the paper and let a smile slowly turn on his face. It was a rare site and right now he was safe to give it because no one was around to call him on it. He just finished planning a party for his friend and lover. A party to celebrate the fact that Blair Sandburg was going to be adding the letters D R in front of his name. Between Major Crimes and Blair's circle of friends at the University, he had everything planned.

He had rented a large banquet room at the Victoria, a classic hotel in downtown Cascade. He also booked rooms for out of town guests to surprise Blair. He had been able to contact several of Blair's friends that were now working out of the area.

Naomi would be there, it took several days to track her down, but he got her reservations confirmed the week before. Jim also invited his father, William, and brother, Stephen. Things were still strained between them but with Blair's assistance they were talking on a regular basis and spending an occasional Sunday dinners.

Jim tapped the paper, reading down the list. Rhonda was making the cake. She insisted in making it herself, no store bought cake would do for her Blair. The Major Crimes group was assigned to buy items to make a super computer for the new doctor. He would need a computer that had more capabilities than his present laptop was capable of. With much research, Jim made a list of needed items: scanner, hard drive, zip-drive, digital camera, flat monitor, new notebook computer to hook in, and a pda. The University friends were in charge of finding books that were on Blair's wish list.

His dad took on the duty of getting a caterer for the affair. Jim couldn't believe that his dad had taken on the large expense. He realized that his father knew he owed Blair so much. It had been Blair to get him and Stephen to start reconciling with William. It had been a shaky road but they were talking now, which was more than he could say they were doing four years ago.

Yes, Blair deserved so much; so much more than he was given him now. The last item on his list was a secret to everyone. It would be a secret till he got Blair to their room at the Vic. He would give Blair a ring with a question that only he could hope would be answered with a yes.

They had been together for two years. Two years of sharing body and soul. Before that, they had been sharing their souls, but once the body was touched, their bond strengthened tenfold; Sentinel senses sharpened, Guide directives intensified. They now knew when the other was in trouble, knew when the other was approaching the other without seeing. It was the next level of being one, two halves of a whole being.

Jim shook his head, thinking, of course Blair would say yes. Was there any other alternative to this? No, there wasn't. Jim had never felt this good. He owed it all to Blair. He never felt this relaxed. There were evenings when he just let Blair take care of him, leaving him in a boneless relaxed heap on their bed. Many of his past friends and associates had mentioned how he had changed over the last five years. The top phrase was that he was more human. Was he that bad before Blair? Maybe he was. Anyway, that was the past.

Jim continued to smile. Yes, there were changes all for the better.

What better to celebrate his best friend's achievement and give him more than he ever expected.

Sitting back Jim's smile widened to rival his friends. Oh yes, this was going to be the best thing he could ever give to his savior, his heart's heart, and tamer of his soul.

He heard keys enter the knob and turn the lock. Folding the sheet of paper he quickly had it in his pocket as Blair opened the door.

Stepping into the loft, Blair dropped his pack and his keys into their normal spots. Jim stood up to give Blair a hug. Jim let the hug linger a bit longer than normal.

Blair caught the difference and called him on it. "What's up?" Blair voice laced with concern.

"Nothing babe. Just enjoying you for a moment."

Blair cocked his head a moment, trying to analyze what Jim was actually meaning but decided not to question it.

"What do you want for dinner? It's my night to cook."

Jim watched as Blair went into the kitchen. "Anything you want to fix, I'm not picky."

Blair looked back at Jim. "Who are you and where is James Ellison?"


"You are way to agreeable."

Jim shrugged his shoulders. "Sometimes it happens, like you and bad days. They happen occasionally. Don't get used to it."

Blair came back to Jim and gave him a hug. "Did I tell you how much I love you?" Blair held on a moment. "I keep wondering what I finally did right to find you."

Jim held on to him, thinking not long ago he was thinking the same thing. "Pre-destiny, me Sentinel, you Guide."

Blair chuckled, "You're so bad." He pulled away to start dinner. "Anything from Naomi yet?"

Jim hated to lie to him but it was a good one, "No."

"I hope she makes it back in time."

"I'm sure she will. She knows how important this is to you."

"Yeah." Blair pulled out fixings for dinner. "But closest person I want is already here. I can't wait to get it. Everything I researched, coming together."

"Big day for you buddy."

"And all because of you."

Jim was embarrassed. "Any plans for after the ceremony?"

Blair shook his head. "No, just a nice dinner with you and mom, then you and me, get down and dirty."


"I've been working on this for over half my life. That night I will for the relief of finding my place. You and I have a date with that bed, and I'm not coming down till I can't say my name or groan and moan whichever comes first."

Jim smiled at him. He could do that at the Victoria. Blair would be surprised then by what he had planned for him. Life was good.

"What are you smiling about?" Blair asked.

"Nothing, nothing at all."


"Okay, you, naked and babbling."

"Wicked man." Blair said, "Maybe we can share some of that tonight, a prelude to the festivities of next week."

"Sounds like a plan. Let me help, I feel like going to bed early tonight."


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