Sweet Dreams

By Ellisonbabe

“What is a dream? People say it´s your sub-conscious coming out to play. All your thoughts and observations made during the day get mixed together and the resulting maelstrom manifests it´s self when you´re asleep. I read somewhere that the more intellectual you are, the deeper your subconscious goes and that it can actually help you in your job, or in problem solving or in some other deep, meaningful way. Now I´ve always thought of myself as more of an intellectual than others may have. Well, I am in the middle of my thesis. So why the hell did I dream that I was at the department doing paperwork and when Jim came in, he was wearing nothing but that stupid flowery apron he has and his shoulder holster?
And then I went up to him and told him he was over dressed for work and I took off his apron – and he smiled one of those drop dead gorgeous smiles he does so well, and said did I want to un-holster him. What the hell does that mean?’

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