The Last Straw
Virginia Sky

Cascade, Mid-summer

There he sat in his lonely state. The abandoned one felt totally unwanted...dejected.

For a brief time he had felt as if he had been passed from one hand to another.

Then hope prevailed as Jim claimed him as his own in front of Simon, Joel, and Brown.

But disappointment continued, as all that Jim ended up doing, was picked him up that hot, summer noon, and then left him at the loft.

Now he sat in the kitchen as the early evening shadows lengthened and thickened.

He sat alone with his thoughts.

Yet, what thoughts they were! Dreams of firm lips that would caress him occupied his mind.

How he wanted to let those lips nibble and suck him for all he was worth.

To see those expressive blue eyes above him, reflecting a look of pure pleasure.

Alas, it looked like he would have to continue to wait.

Eventually, the opening of the loft's door awoke him from his revery.

As the steps approached him he grew with anticipation. However, the tease moved around him to go to the frig.

After hearing a blissful sigh he hummed with excitement as the man neared him.

Cool hands fondled and lifted him up.

A soft, husky voice gently blew across him. "Boy, do I need this."

Then full lips descended and caressed him.

What bliss! This was his purpose for being!

But just as quickly as Nirvana had arrived it was taken away.

The dear lips were torn away from him as a voice roared,
"Sandburg, that was the last straw! I was saving it with that shake for tonight!"

Note: I know...groan...go ahead. I just could help it. As a famous person once said, "The devil made me do it!"

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