The Proverb Singer

By Enola Jones

I had gone to get a cup of coffee when I heard the grumbles.

“…always knew he was eccentric, but that´s a little much!’

“I hear you – bad enough it´s proverbs, but it´s the same two over and over!’

“The ones about saving for a rainy day and makin´ hay while the sun shines. I know.’

“Yeah, but does he have to SING them? And who the hell is Audrey?’

I frowned. Audrey? Singing proverbs? What?

I focused on Sandburg and I had my answer. Sure enough, he was singing.

“Oooh, Little Audrey says, save for a rainy day – she saves, but every time it rains she spends what she´s saved away…’

I cracked up. Leave it to Sandburg to get the theme song from the ‘Little Audrey´ cartoons stuck in his head – and to subject the rest of us to endless repetitions!

Leave it to Sandburg!

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