The Trouble With Rain
by Dolimir

Jim fiddled with the defroster knob on the dash, then glanced at his watch. Blair´s lecture was supposed to let out at ten o´clock which meant his partner would soon be making a mad dash for the truck. He flipped on the windshield wipers in an attempt to get a better view of the hall´s metallic doors.

With all the rain the Northwest had been getting lately, he felt he should reconsider reviewing his ark blueprints. He swore he could feel the truck´s interior starting to mold. The thought of having to detail his car made Jim glower, but the thought of his partner doing his drowned rat impersonation was enough to lighten his mood. Knowing how hard it was for Blair to stay warm, Jim had prepared with a thermos of hot chocolate.

He looked up in time to see Blair under the tiny awning frowning at the sky and muttering something under his breath. Jim pulled the truck beside the curb and as far forward as he could. But instead of running for the truck like Jim expected, Blair took his time as he jogged down the stairs.

While the dark hindered him for a moment, Jim quickly realized that there was a circle of calm, approximately ten feet wide, which surrounded his partner. Even though the storm pounded all around him, Blair was completely dry when he reached the truck.

Blair opened the door and smiled at Jim as he climbed into the cab. “This weather isn´t fit for man or beast,’ he said by way of greeting.

“Are you showing off again?’

“What?’ Blair shut the door, distractedly.

“I thought you said you couldn´t mess around with the weather without serious consequences.’

“I can´t.’

Jim waved his hand to indicate the window behind Blair, which was much drier than Jim´s side window. Blair turned, frowned and wiggled his fingers ever so slightly. Rain filled the gap and beat hard against the glass.

“Oh, that,’ Blair said with some embarrassment.

“Yeah, that.’

“Well, I can´t stop the storm or direct it toward Canada without considering all the possible ramifications, but a little dry spot like that won´t hurt anything.’

“Are you sure?’

“Yes, I´m positive.’

“Are you as positive that no one saw you?’

“No one can possibly see a thing in this downpour,’ Blair defended.

“Because you can´t just go flaunting your powers,’ Jim chided as if he hadn´t heard Blair´s objection.

Blair frowned. “I´m not flaunting them.’

“You know what would happen if the government ever heard--’

“No one saw anything, Jim. I swear.’

Jim grunted unhappily, but decided to let it go.

“You know, you´re cute when you´re worried.’

“Oh shut up.’

“No, really. You are. You remind me of...who was that handsome anthropologist who was always worrying about a certain Cascadian sentinel?’

“You really are a pain, you know that?’

Blair chuckled wickedly.

Jim put the truck into drive. “There´s hot chocolate in the thermos.’

“Oh man, you´re just the best.’

Jim tried really hard not to roll his gaze in exasperation. He didn´t remember Incacha being this difficult. Or had he somehow managed to block out all the things the Peruvian shaman used to do which drove him crazy? Jim sighed softly. Sometimes repression was a wonderful thing.

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