The Heat
by  Rhyo

Tendrils of steam rose around the seated man, twining around him like living vines, caressing his naked skin like the touch of a hot-blooded lover. Around him the jungle pulsed with life, ripe with promise, muted voices whispering to him with a sensual allure.

He shifted slightly in response to that sensuality as he blindly groped for the water bottle beside him and brought it to his lips. The bottle and the liquid inside were still cool and he pressed the bottle against the fevered flesh of his face, enjoying the contrast between his own sweat and the cold condensation on the outside of the bottle.

Through the lush undergrowth, he sensed another presence approaching him, stalking stealthily through the ferns and vines, nearer and nearer. He shivered in anticipation...

"Sandburg! It says right here by the door you aren't supposed to spend more than twenty minutes in the sauna. You've been in there a half-hour now--don't make me have to come in there and drag your sorry hairy ass out. Gym's closing, anyway. Let's move it!"

His eyes flew open. Shit. Ellison would do it, to. "First time I've been warm in weeks, dammit."


The End



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