There is Nothing Lost

By Veronica

"Ms. Conkle?"

I hitched Tyler higher on my hip and held out my hand.

"Nice to see you, Captain Banks. Oh, it's Lindsay Williams now." I felt a blush steal across my cheeks – I still wasn't used to saying that.

"This is Tyler? God, he's grown." The Captain waved at my wide-eyed son before turning back to me. "I'm sorry about Harry," he added quietly.

"Um, thanks." The blush burned hotter. "I'm sorry to take you away from your work, but they wouldn't let me go upstairs and they said I had to talk to you."

He nodded. "Security's pretty tight these days."

"Sure. Um, is Blair around? My husband and I are in Cascade for a few days and I wanted him to see Tyler."

All trace of emotion left his face and I suddenly felt awkward, standing there in the dark lobby of the police station. Brian told me this was a waste of time, but I'd wanted Blair to see my beautiful son.

The Captain removed his glasses and rubbed at the corner of his eye. "I'm – you see, Blair – left us, about a year ago."

I nodded, unsurprised. Stopping here had been a long shot.

Tyler started to fuss and the Captain looked like he wanted to get back to work, but I had to try something else.

"What about Detective Ellison? Is he here?"

If anything, Captain Banks' expression become even more guarded. "Detective Ellison took...early retirement not long after the – about the same time."

"Oh, okay." I didn't know what else to say and I knew Brian was waiting. "Well, thanks anyway. If you see them, tell them I said hi."

He began to say something but someone caught his attention across the lobby. He gave me a strained smile and I turned away, anxious to get out of the station. Skirting a large crowd of school kids, my path took me past a glass case that held what looked like softball trophies, community awards, stuff like that.

That's when I saw it.

In the middle of the case was a plaque with a newspaper article laminated to its surface. Below the article was a medal with a purple ribbon carefully folded around it. I wouldn't have given it a second glance if the headline hadn't caught my eye.

Detective Shot In the Line of Duty

and beneath that, in smaller font

Det. Blair Sandburg On Job Three Months

Tears blurred my eyes so badly I couldn't read the rest of it. The part about being a cop wasn't a shock – even Harry once said that Blair was sharper than most of the cops he'd ever met. But to think that something so horrible had happened...

Poor Detective Ellison.

I shifted Tyler and wiped at my damp eyes with the back of my hand. I knew Brian would be waiting for me and I needed him badly right then. With a watery hiccup, I kissed Tyler's downy cheek and stepped out into the sunlight.

...that cannot be found...

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