These Walls Need a Paint Job, Jim

Jim hung up his cell phone and looked over at Blair. Blair refused to meet his partners eyes, he know that what ever Jim was about to tell hum, it wasn´t going to be good. Jim moved to his guide´s side and placed a careful hand on his shoulder. Blair shook off the touch and took a step away, keeping his eyes locked on the ground.

“The verdict came in, Chief.’ Jim said softly. Blair snorted, it sounded like a choked sob.

“Let me guess.’ Blair whispered “I´m not going to like it.’

“The jury said he was guilty. I´m sorry but it is an automatic death sentence.’

Blair let out a soft moan and collapsed into the nearest chair. Jim wanted nothing more than to be able to comfort his friend, but one look at the hurt in his friends´ eyes told him that Blair blamed him for this.

“He didn´t do it, Jim. That man did not kill his wife.’

“How can you believe that, Blair? A jury of twelve people found him guilty, the evidence was damming. Every sign pointed to him being the murderer.’

“That doesn´t mean he was.’ Blair snorted again. “Ha, some Sentinel you are, you are some big ass human lie detector and you couldn´t tell when an innocent man was telling the truth.’

Jim turned away from the angry young man, fully aware that what Blair had said was true. He was supposed to have a handle on his senses by now, but he let himself be distracted by the suspect´s lawyer´s cheep perfume. And the human lie detector didn´t work. Results inconclusive. All through the trial Blair and the suspect had maintained that he was innocent, Jim wasn´t so sure. And the jury certainly wasn´t convinced.

“You don´t know that he was innocent, Chief.’

“Yes, I do. That man could not and did not kill his wife.’ Blair spat out, jumping up from his chair. “God what type of system is it, we catch the bad guys and they get let off. The circumstantial evidence condemns an innocent man and he gets the death penalty.’

“Chief, I’

“Save it Jim, I am going home. I need to process this.’

“It´s not your fault, Chief’

“Yeah well, it feels like it.’ Blair stalked away, Jim watched his friend go with a heavy heart. He looked down at the phone in his hand, sometimes his job really sucked.

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