This is it

Blair wanted to scream. He wanted to take hold of the slab of meat that passed for a Sentinel and shake him until his head spun off. But, unfortunately he didn´t live in a reality where he had the strength do that. So he just sat there on the sofa, glaring.
Jim was getting a little worried, Blair had been silent for almost two minutes, and a silent Blair was not a good thing. He could feel the hot anger radiating from his lovers skin, hear the too fast heartbeat as Blair struggled to contain his rage. This worried Jim more, Blair was not the type of guy to hold it in when he was angry, and he definitely did not hold back when he was angry at Jim. That was one of the things that Jim loved about him, he wasn´t afraid to stand up for himself. But he was quiet now, far too quiet.

“Blair, are you alright?’ Jim wasn´t sure but he thought he saw Blair glare harder. The young man didn´t answer him. “Blair, I understand if you are mad at me.’

“I´m not mad at you.’ Blair said finally, he raised his head slightly for the first time in ten minutes he made eye contact with Jim. “I am mad at Simon.’ Blair tore his eyes away and pouted, looking for all the world like a petulant 10 year old.

“It´s not his fault either.’

“Then whose fault is it? Because unless you volunteered for this assignment it´s not yours.’

“Ahh.’ Jim said, he averted his gaze from Blair´s face and took sudden interest in the carpet.

“Jim, you didn´t volunteer, did you?’ Blair shouted, leaping up from the couch with such momentum that he knocked the side table over. Jim glanced at the fallen furniture but chose to ignore it. Blair whirled round to face his Sentinel, his face red with anger. “What the hell did you do that for? Why would Simon let you?’

“He didn´t really have a lot of choice. I said it was me or no one else.’

“That is not true and you know it!’

“Yeah, it could have been you. And I certainly didn´t want that.’

“And you think I did? You didn´t want me to play bait and I understand that, it´s you being you, overprotective and pig headed. But can´t you see that I don´t want you doing it for the same reason you don´t want me to do it.’

“Blair, honey.’ Jim said softly rising from the sofa.

“Don´t you ‘Blair honey´ me.’ Blair snapped ducking as Jim moved over to hug him. “This is it, Jim. I am putting my foot down. I do not want you to go out there, I do not want you to do this.’

“What? Are you going to play the jealous wife now?’

“Jealous? Of that ass hole? I don´t think so. You did read the file didn´t you? You know what happened to his last ‘boyfriend´. You know what could happen to you if he found you out. I don´t think I could live with that. I couldn´t live with out you.’ Blair´s breath hitched, the tiny rasping sound made Jim´s heart break. He didn´t want to do this assignment. But he had volunteered the moment he had heard Sandburg´s name mentioned. Blair had been a detective for almost a year now and had been instrumental to the capture of some notorious bad guy. Whether he worked with Jim or was partnered with one of the other major crimes crew, he was an asset to the department. Jim just didn´t want him doing this, it was too dangerous. Jim looked up into his lover´s eyes and saw only fear.

“Blair, it will be ok.’

“No, it won´t. Jim, I don´t think I can do this anymore.’

“Do what, Chief?’

“This, I can´t sit here waiting for you to come home. Not knowing if you will or not.’

“What are you saying? Do you want to break up?’

“For God sake Jim, why do you have to start with the pushing away? Hell no I don´t want to break up. I love you, you pig headed moron.’ Jim smiled despite himself. Blair gave a snort that threatened to become a full fledged laugh.

“Do you realize how married we just sounded?’ Jim laughed lightly, all the earlier tension just washed away, until he looked back up to Blair´s very serious face.

“You can´t do it, Jim’

“Well I don´t want you to do it. And it has to be done, this guy has to be stopped.’

“I agree, I just meant that you can´t do it alone. Two gorgeous guys are always better than one.’


“Come on, man. How is he going to be able to resist the two of us? We can work him over together, stop him together. And I can make sure you don´t get hurt.’ Blair moved over and wrapped his arms around his mate and pushed him back towards the sofa. Jim took hold of Blair´s upper arms and guided him down with him, leaning back so the younger man was draped over him.

“And I can make sure you don´t get hurt. You know I am not completely sold on this, Chief.’

“Well we could argue like an old married couple some more.’ Blair giggled.

“As long as we get to do the make up sex afterward.’ Jim grinned planting a kiss on Blair´s full lips.

“Ohhh I like that idea.’

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