Twisted, Sister

By Maaaaa

The furniture was moved off to one side. The curtains were drawn. The lights were dimmed.

The soft, flickering glow of about a dozen candles reflected off the glass of the French doors, the plastic mat on the floor, the naked bodies…

“I can´t believe I let you talk me into this Sandburg,’ Jim growled.

The sentinel´s lean, muscular body tensed involuntarily as he glanced at the bright multi-colored circles teasing his sight.

Blair stood across from Jim, his exquisite toes curling and uncurling impatiently, playing with the opposite edge of the mat.

“Shhhh, man. It´ll be fun.’ Blair´s seductive voice drew Jim´s gaze from the floor to Blair´s face…Blair´s chest…Blair´s nipple ring…Blair´s abdomen…Blair´s…

“Stay with me, Jim.’ The half-lidded light blue eyes jumped back up to meet the smoldering deep blue eyes of his mate.

Every part of Blair…*every* part…was bouncing in anticipation.

A barely audible click sounded and Blair´s low, husky voice floated across the room.

“Left foot ---yellow.’

Blair leapt into action, jumping half way across the mat, planting his left foot on a yellow circle, his right foot and both arms dangling at odd angles as he tried to keep his balance.

Jim reacted to the command tone of his guide´s voice and made a catlike move of his own.

Before there was time to recover from this maneuver, the next instruction was issued.

“Right hand---red.’

Blair quickly bent at the waist, placing his hand on the red circle directly in front of Jim, causing the older man to bend over the younger in order to find a red sphere of his own.

Several more directives followed in quick succession and within five minutes the two men were comically intertwined on the mat…arms, legs and torsos corkscrewed into seemingly impossible positions.

A fine sheen of sweat covered both bodies. Helpless giggling from Blair and muttered curses from Jim filled the loft as the pace of the commands picked up and the rules of the games were altered.

“Right foot---blue.’

“Left hand---green.’

“Tongue---nearest orifice.’

Blair´s tongue quickly found Jim´s left ear, causing an immediate response from a part of Jim´s anatomy that was definitely not his tongue.

Jim hissed with a sharp intake of breath as he abandoned all pretense of adhering to any rules. He grabbed Blair by the waist, dragging them both to the floor in a tangled heap of arms, legs and other appendages…all conveniently and strategically in just the right place…just as Blair had planned.

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