Untitled snippet

By Enola Jones


A/N: This is an experiment -- a snippet from a story set in my Merrow universe (where Blair is a merman). Although it's one of the most hated SenAUs, I love it, so I keep writing in it. Or maybe I'm just a masochist.


"HEY!" Blair roared. "GIVE IT BACK!"

The woman laughed and held the book in front of her. "No, this is mine now… MINE…" And she turned to run.

She didn't get far. A foot was stuck out in her path, and she went sprawling. The book bounced away, landing perilously close to a mud puddle.

Blair scooped it up and put it back into his backpack. He scowled at the woman who was laying in a tiny ball, shivering and whimpering "Mine…mine…mine…"

"What was so important, anyway," the tripper asked as she came around the corner. "It's just a book…."

"No, it's not just a book," Blair sighed. "It's an ancient religious text purported to be from Atlantis itself."

"Atlantis!" She whistled. "Wow…. Okay, so that doesn't explain…"

"She thinks she's the queen of Atlantis. She's crazy."

"I don't know." She bent down and lifted the hair from the woman's neck. "Not crazy. Look."

Blair bent, looked, and swore as his hand went to his own neck to touch the wet bandana that perpetually rested there when they were out of water.

She nodded, looking up. "She's like us. You need to go tell Jim."

"Right. Stay with her." Blair ran to get his on-land partner.

His water-partner sat on the small of their captive's back. "You're going nowhere."

"Who are you?" the captive groaned out.

"Name's Megan. Megan Connor."


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