Which One of Us

By Jade

Well, Sandburg's off and running again, chattering on happily about some sort of sensory tests that he's just dying for me to take. I'll grumble and bitch, of course, but I think we both know that I'll give in, eventually. After all, I don't mind the tests in and of themselves. It's what they represent that I hate.

They remind me that if it hadn't been for my senses Sandburg wouldn't be here, with me. We wouldn't have even met. And I can't help but wonder sometimes just who means the most to him: the sentinel or the man.

Oh, I know that he cares about me, the person. No one would willingly follow me around and be kidnapped by serial killers just for research, no matter how obsessed he was. But when he gets all excited about my senses like this, I can't help my doubts. If it came down to it, which one of us would he choose? The man or the sentinel?

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